Radiation Therapy

Radiation therapy is a treatment modality that uses ionizing radiation to kill cancer cells.

With a growing  population of cancer survivors, there is a great need to understand the etiology of  so-called “second cancers”, i.e. those malignancies that affect individuals with a previous diagnosis of cancer. Within the working group 9 -Radiation Dosimetry in Radiotherapy- of the European Dosimetry Group, we work to assess non-target patient doses and the related risks of secondary malignancy, both in traditional X-ray external radiotherapy and in emerging hadron-therapy. Read more here.

Collaborators: Prof. Sara Pozzi, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, MI, US and members of EURADOS WG-9, various institutions.

Recent developments in Artificial Intelligence (AI) algorithms and their implementation on fast computers make its application possible to diagnostic and therapeutic radiation, where large amount of data need to be processed in real time. NML develops measurement-aided AI clinical decision support.

Collaborators: Dr. Daniele Della Latta and Prof. Dante Chiappino, FTGM, Ospedale del Cuore, Massa, Italy