NPRE 498

This laboratory course focuses on the science, technology, and policy associated with nuclear safeguards, security and verification. Throughout the semester, the students will design and develop selected experimental systems,  which can be used to identify, characterize, image, and quantify special nu-clear materials.

The lab sessions implement a unique model where students need to fully develop selected experiments, from design to validation and testing. Students will become familiar with experimental techniques employed in contemporary re-search and industrial laboratories, and learn different software, CAD, and hardware tools, depending on the specific experiment.

Technological innovation has often affected nuclear postures and vice versa, therefore, the nuclear policy background that governs current arms control and nonproliferation treaties will be reviewed. The semester will focus on nuclear policy aspects that are a subject of current debate.

Tuesday classes and Thursday labs will cover the technical part of this course, while the Thursday classes will deal with policy related topics. This course was partially developed with the support of Sandia National Lab under contract n.1965387.

The link to access the labs online is: (the password is available on Compass2g).

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The recorded lectures are available on Compass2g.