Active Projects

  1. Multi-Mode Imaging for TRISO-fueled Pebble Identification (sponsored by the DOE)
  2. Positronium Annihilation Lifetime Tomography
  3. High-Fidelity Radiation Detection and Light Readout Models based on Scintillators and Silicon Photomultipliers (sponsored by Sandia National Lab)
  4. Acoustic Contrast Agents Sensitive to Ionizing Radiation (sponsored by the NRC)
  5. Statistical Methods and Machine Learning for Quantitative Radiation Imaging and Characterization of Special Nuclear Material (sponsored by the NNSA)
  6. Point-cloud segmentation for radiation therapy (sponsored by the JUMP-ARCHES)
  7. Radiation damage in geopolymer composites (sponsored by CERL)
  8. Licensing of Micro Modular Nuclear Reactor for Siting at UIUC (sponsored by UltraSafe Nuclear Corporation)